Sunday, May 4, 2014

How do we get home from here?

April 19th, 2014: Going Home is so different with a term baby!

All I wanted was to go home, but so much stood in our way! We had several visits from the pediatrician because Johnathan lost 10% of his weight so there was great concern he wasn't getting enough!  I was also getting concerned as he grew increasingly frustrated at breastfeeding! He refused to latch and would just wail!  We finally got to see lactation again and they were able to get him to latch for the next feed which seemed like good progress.  Next came a meeting with occupational therapy and physical therapy for me! They realized I really do know how to move around on my own and with a baby very safely and that meeting ended with them just saying they didn't need to see me anymore! Things seemed to be looking up and we were headed toward discharge, but there was still a bit of reservation about how Johnathan wasn't latching and feeding strongly so another feeding consult and we developed a new plan. So now I am a pumping,  attempting breastfeeding and bottle feeding expert again. We are doing everything we can to keep him gaining weight while not giving up on breastfeeding.

Now with a feeding plan all that stood between us and home was discharge paperwork or so we thought!  Phil decided to start packing up the car at this point because it was just a waiting game. Well Phil quickly returned from his first trip to the car with terrible news! Dead car! No lights left on, no doors ajar so we were baffled except he saw something a little disturbing on the front seat of the car! Mouse droppings and a partially chewed napkin! At this point I was still coping well with everything happening!  Felt pretty strong, thinking I've lived through a NICU stay, I can live through one rough day with our new baby. So, the next step was to call AAA to have the car jumped. Two hour wait! So we decided it'd be fun to see who we knew in nicu. We asked our nurse if we could just go up and say hi. She agreed and we set off to do that when the nurse said, wait. I'll take you up. We didn't think much of it until we were mid unit with a screaming baby and she vanished! Now, I was frazzled. We figured she was taking us to the wall of hope entrance and we'd do what we always do! Oy, talk about flood of emotions and all I wanted was outta there! We got back to our room because one of our amazing nicu nurses showed us the way out of the unit and talked with us a bit and looked for nurses we knew! Well as you can imagine, now I was quite frazzled at this point! Finally,  the AAA guy to jump the car called and Phil went to meet him. He finally got the car running and Phil called me to come down. Only one small problem.  I had to get from the hospital room to the car with myself,  remaining stuff and a newborn baby! Beyond emotions at this point, I lost it! Finally able to think after about 15 min. I asked the front desk nurse to get transport to help with stuff and baby. Two great guys came up and took the stuff and the other pushed me while I carried Johnathan to the car! At last, on the road home!

All the way home Johnathan did great and the ride pain wise for me was doable! We settled in at home and everyone helped as we fed baby and I pumped. Everyone went home and my sister offered to be our back up help if we needed her! Phil and I got trio to bed, but Melissa was having constipation tummy trouble and kept waking. We still wanted to get organized so we had my sister come do baby Johnathan duty and constipated toddler duty while we organized for the night! Finally around 930 we were ready for bed and our first night with our new crew! Night one was ok! Through 3 toddler wake ups (Melissa) and a baby who didn't care to be put down more than a few minutes at a time, we arose Easter morning and I have no clue how we managed, but we made ,all 6 of us, dressed and ready for church on time! Grammy came and drove trio and we took Johnathan in the CRV,  as we hadn't figured out car seats all in van yet! Whoops! 

And so it began, we were no longer Two+ A Trio...we have become Two+A Crew!

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