Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1 month...

Johnathan is nearly 2 months old now, but we had some professional pics done by our friend and we wanted to formally introduce our newest addition, so here is Johnathan Michael!

Johnathan got his name from his great grandfather John. His middle name comes from St. Michael which is the patron of the parish where our family attends church. Johnathan means "God has given" and we truly believe God has given us a gift in this little boy! A very fitting name! Michael means "who is like God" and our hope for Johnathan Michael is that he will remember to be like Christ to those he meets in his life and model what it means to be a christian to those he meets in his life.

Here are some things we'd like to share about our little one:

When Johnathan was born we wondered who he'd look the most like, if anyone. What we have discovered in the short time we've had our precious boy is that he looks like a lot of different family members at different times. Right now he looks a lot like his sister Katelynn.

Johnathan enjoys being held, cooing and "playing" with his sisters and brother. He currently weighs 9 lbs 15 oz, which is exactly 3 pounds more than his birth weight! He wears 3 month clothes comfortably. His least favorite activity is tummy time. His favorite things are his binky and his swing!

Johnathan is sweet, happy and a cuddly little guy! We look forward to continuing to learn about our little one and sharing him with all of you!


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