Sunday, May 4, 2014

A pregnancy....

Pregnancy isn't always how you plan it to happen!

Everything seemed to be going as planned and we were meeting regular pregnancy milestones. We even celebrated meeting the biggest milestone! 28 weeks came and went without much thought.  We were elated that our newest addition was cooperating and staying put.

 It wasn't until 35 weeks that things started to get exciting. We had a regular scheduled appointment and Non Stress Test.  While hooked up to the monitor the nurse asked if I had been having contractions and I had said "No, I didn't think I had". Then she asked if I had been feeling the baby move at all. I said "Yes, a lot". After a few minutes she said again "Are you sure you aren't feeling contractions, because that was a contraction".  I just told her that no I thought that was the baby moving. She then informed me that I was contracting every 5 minutes and I needed to monitor that now and let them know if contractions got closer together. Sure enough not more than a few days after my appt and first NST I was laying on the futon sleeping when I was woken up by intense pain and contractions that felt very close together. I called up to Labor and Delivery at they asked me to come in. By the time I arrived with Phil who had to leave work early to come get me, my contractions were 2 minutes apart and the nurse who checked me in was getting concerned that he couldn't get an IV started to get fluid into my system to slow down my contractions. Finally, the anesthesiologist was called and he was able to get an IV started and they slowed down my contractions. While I was there they checked my urine and sure enough another infection had cropped up. Seems as though I have a lot of those during pregnancy as I did with the trio. This time they were staying out of my kidney which is progress. So they started antibiotics and within 48 hours I was in good enough shape to go home. The doctor asked me to go on bed rest for the week until my next appointment.

During that next week things got very uncomfortable and I wasn't sure we'd make it much longer.  By the time the next appointment came around I had another NST scheduled and this time I knew about the contractions, but this time baby decided to drop heart rate during contractions which concerned the doctor. This began the multiple trips to have an NST. I'd have to go back the following day of every failed NST and if it happened too many times I'd be having a baby that day! 2 weeks in a row this happened and finally the nurse on during my last Saturday NST started an IV and she started talking about having this baby at 36 weeks. We agreed and started calling our parents. Finally the doctor came in and talked with us and said he'd changed his mind and he felt the baby was doing ok enough to wait a few more days and do another NST. So that Tuesday we went up for another NST! Finally baby passed and we went back to our regular scheduled C section plan! That Friday was the last of our appointments and the nurse explained what would be happening the following Wednesday! The birth of our newest family member!

By the way we made it to our planned delivery date at 39 weeks gestation!

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