Friday, December 27, 2013

An unexpected gift...

When we posted this picture for Christmas, how many of you thought it was just an innocent sweet pic of the trio? How many were curious what was in the box?

Well for those of you who just thought it was a sweet and innocent picture of the trio, thank you for thinking they are sweet and innocent but, a family with a trio is always full of surprises!

For those of you who were curious what was in the box! Here's the answer :)
We have had many appointments at the UW and currently we are nearing 24 weeks. Things are going well so far and I am having nothing abnormal so far! Doctor is optimistic about going close to or all the way to full term this time. I am being seen by the same doctor that delivered the trio and barring anything out of the ordinary the plan is for the same doctor to deliver this little baby boy as well.  This wasn't a planned pregnancy by us, but apparently it was God's plan so here we are! The trio does know about their little brother and do occasionally talk about him or poke him. We have a name chosen and some of our family has heard it. We will reveal his name when he arrives to everyone :) For now, we welcome your prayers as we begin a new journey!


  1. Congratulations! Keeping you in my prayers!!!

  2. Hey hey, looking forward to seeing you again! Love Robin