Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christmas Season...

The blog has remained quiet throughout Advent into Christmas because we have been busy enjoying our little family. It has been so fun this year watching as the trio has really engaged in the whole experience. Here's a recap of some of the things we've been doing:

Every Sunday in Advent we made it to church! We don't often get to church as a whole family. It's hard to focus at church at 2 years old! Advent and Christmas was a special time that we decided we all needed to be there!

We had our Christmas Photoshoot with our buddy Jace! The pictures on the blog are not his work! They are just from Mommy's cell phone! We'll show off our Christmas pics Jace took later on :)

We visited Santa at Santa Land in Macy's and saw our Aunt Madaline! We didn't care for Santa, but we love to see our Aunt Madaline.

We didn't get our own real Christmas tree so we helped Grammy and Boppa decorate theirs! We eventually decorated our own little fake one!

We visited zoo lights in Portland again this year! It was a bit wet and cold, but well worth the visit as usual! We were disappointed however that the train wasn't running this year!

There has been a lot of shopping! We bought presents for all our grandparents, aunts, uncles and relatives! It was fun to even participate in shopping for our own trio gifts! Mommy and Daddy wanted to make sure we got things we'd really like this year since we still aren't able to ask for things yet very specifically. There were a few things we didn't get to see before they arrived under the tree though!

We spent Christmas Eve with Grammy and Boppa and other extended family including our Auntie Shelley and Uncle Dominic in Olympia. We had a delicious soup dinner and yummy ice cream and cookie dessert. We opened lots of fun presents including new pj's for the trip to Portland and slippers too!

Christmas Morning was spent with Grandma and Grandpa Pitkin and Auntie Madaline. We got lots of great presents, but our favorite from this event was the "boom sticks"! We love to hit the floor and walls to make them light up.

Christmas Night we went to our Great Uncle and Aunt's house for a party. Ethan decided to sleep through the whole thing! Silly guy! He woke up just in time to see that he had presents to open at a later time and then back to sleep he went for the car ride home. Our favorite part of this party was HAM! YUM and seeing all of daddy's awesome cousins who would talk to us and play with us!

You would think the parties ended there, but that's not how the Pitkin Trio does Christmas! Since Christmas is a season, not  just a day, we also had a party on the 26th! It was a breakfast party at Grammy and Boppa's house with Christmas Waffles! YUMMY! And of course this party also had presents!

So there you have it! Christmas 2013 was a big success and the best part is, it's not even over yet! There's still more to the Christmas season and one more big party to attend in a couple weeks with more of Daddy's big family!

Merry Christmas everyone...we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the best gift of all...Jesus!

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